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About US Commercial Maintenance & Build Out

You can trust US Commercial Maintenance & Build Out to preserve the honesty and integrity that comes with the longstanding partnerships we build with our clients. In all that we offer, we provide high-quality, cost-effective services and eliminate the "fear of the contractor" that so many tend to have. We have years of experience and we work hard to ensure that every job is done right, saving you time, money, and aggravation whenever you need skilled commercial remodeling contractors. We also specialize in not shutting you down during remodels; In fact, to date, we have not shut down a client as it relates to remodeling while open for business.


US Commercial Maintenance & Build Out "commercial division" was formed back in 2013 for the simple fact that the original founder constantly had his residential customers and their contacts requesting him for commercial work as they were having issues with their GC's. It didn't take him long to figure out that with his integrity, honesty, and all around upfront transparency he would quickly take a strong foothold within the commercial construction market. In an effort to further strengthen the company it was decided to bring on his longtime friend as a partner to the firm. With that, it brought collectively nearly 40 years of overall construction experience that of which includes everything from initial design to the final completion of construction projects & building maintenance practices. Today, the two of them have created a business that ensures the best solutions for your commercial construction & maintenance needs throughout the nation including Alaska & Hawaii.

Currently performing services in these regions

•Washington •Alaska •Utah •Texas •Maryland •Ohio
•New Hampshire •Wyoming •Idaho •Nevada (Handyman Only) •Pennsylvania